Laser Wheel Alignment We provide precise wheel, frame and axel alignment through the JOSAM laser system. This allows for accurate measurements for a smoother drive.


Increase Fuel Efficiency With all wheels accurately aligned, along with the correct inflation, rolling resistance is reduced allowing for decreased fuel consumption


Reduce Tyre Wear Without proper alignment, tyres could be moving at a slightly different angle than the others which will increase wear. Improve your tyre wear with accurate laser alignment.


Reduce Carbon Emissions Be even greener and make your fuel go further by using laser wheel alignment to reduce your CO2 footprint.

Your online wheel alignment service

  • Increased fuel costs?
  • Premature tyre wear?
  • Or just looking for a more comfy drive?

Whatever the reason, Laser Steer is a specialised service set up to help you get the most out of your vehicles.

Tyre rolling resistance can increase with poor wheel alignment which will make your vehicle work harder. Not only this but your fuel economy can decrease costing you more per mile. Tyres will wear faster and your drive will increase potential risks to your arms, shoulders and neck.

Our highly trained engineers use the latest Josam laser wheel alignment equipment to accurately fix any problems with your vehicle's wheel alignment, saving you money in tyre replacement and fuel costs.

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